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Rescue costs - and cost protection

Professional rescues require expensive ambulance vehicles as well as high-quality rescue and recovery equipment. Therefore, the operations are also correspondingly expensive.   Concrete:

  • Equidae : Billing of the kilometers driven and the duration of the mission (usually 2 people) as well as the consumables used, on average around CHF 1,800 per mission

  • Farm animals : an average of around CHF 500 per use. The Susy Utzinger Foundation helps


The GTRD does not offer membership or a sponsorship system, as the administration and financing would be too expensive for us. However, the GTRD has been working with Horse Rescue Eta-Glob in Brig since 1998. Members of the ' Horse Rescue Eta-Glob ' association receive extensive support services during a rescue mission.


With a membership fee of CHF 60 per year, you will receive reimbursements of up to CHF 5,000 per claim or loss. Rescue operation. Interesting volume discounts are offered for contracts with more than one animal.

The membership fee includes a direct donation of CHF 5.- to the GTRD - you protect yourself against the costs of a rescue operation and enable the GTRD to maintain the rescue service.

Request further information from 'Horse Rescue Eta-Glob' or complete your membership directly online

(Information etc. in German only)

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