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Our rescue and recovery equipment

Thanks to our extensive field experience and the intensive cooperation with the equine clinic of the Vetsuisse Faculty of the University of Zurich, we are always able to develop and manufacture new rescue and recovery material and aids that enable absolutely safe, gentle and animal welfare-friendly rescues. Our ambulance vehicles are also built by ourselves so that we can always incorporate the latest experience and knowledge.

Certain products are also available to other organizations such as animal clinics / hospitals, veterinarians, fire departments, etc. for sale or rental.

Do you have an idea or are you looking for something in particular, just ask: or +41 79 406 40 41

FW Guschti
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Animal rescue and transport network (TBTN®)


Versatile and unique crockery, which has been absolutely tried and tested since 1999, for transports in the ambulance, relief in the clinic, rescue from cranes and helicopters, etc. Sizes S, M, L. Special sizes on request.

The TBTN is the only horizontal rescue harness that still meets the highest requirements for animal welfare, safety and animal welfare. It is absolutely safe even with total defense reactions of the animals, so that no animal can fall out or be injured in it.

The TBTN is still the only rescue harness for large animals that has been scientifically tested. There are currently two international scientific publications about the TBTN from the Equine Clinic of the Vetsuisse Faculty of the University of Zurich and a third extensive scientific work is in progress and will be published in 2010? WAS STANDING?


In order to be able to meet today's animal welfare requirements and so that optimal use is possible in an emergency, TBTN are only sold in Switzerland with appropriate training by the GTRD®.

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