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Pay attention to your own safety
provide overview
Act calmly and deliberately

Then just go through the following three steps:


  • Is the animal secured?

  • Is the fresh air supply guaranteed - e.g. after falling into a cesspool? If not, call the emergency number 118 immediately to alert the fire brigade, who will bring the fan very quickly and thus bridge the gap for the time being.

  • Is the animal hurt?

  • Are there no more dangers in the immediate vicinity?

  • Is the animal being looked after by a calm and reliable specialist?





Alerting the rescue organizations:

  • vet

  • Large animal rescue service CH / FL®
    Emergency call +41 79 700 70 70 (7x24h),

  • If necessary, other rescue organizations such as the fire brigade (Tel. 118)

  • Provide first aid

If you have to take care of your horse and do not have time to organize everything, call our emergency number and we will be happy to help you immediately and arrange what is necessary!

Make sure that you can be reached and do not block the phone with unnecessary calls so that the emergency services can always reach you.

Warning : never switch off the mobile phone and pay attention to charged batteries

Leaflet trail riding

Click on the picture to download the 'Leaflet trail riding' (pdf - German only)

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