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GTRD training requirements

We only train people to become large animal paramedics who are suitable and willing to put their skills into our rescue work in the long term.


The GTRD® is a great hobby for life or a long period of life - the effort for only a short time is far too great!


We want to discuss whether you are suitable in a personal conversation. So that you can roughly determine whether you are suitable for the GTRD®, you will find some of the most important key data here:

- Good, strong character and intellectual level
- Good mental and physical fitness and health
- Flair for quick and flexible thinking and acting
- Good organizational skills
- Interest in and enjoyment of the special and the extraordinary
- Accustomed to serious and precise work
- Good teamwork skills but also independent work
- Responsible
- Skilled craftsmanship
- Flair for technology and medicine
- Good learning ability
- Empathy and good observation
- Must be able to overcome fears - we also have "dangerous" missions
- Being able to regularly take time for missions (average working time approx. 5 hours)
- Place of residence or work no more than 20 minutes by car from the relevant base.
- 24h availability
- Master the calm and correct handling of equidae
- Knowledge of working with farm animals is an advantage
- Good swimmer

Everything else that you need to work in the GTRD® can be learned from us.

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