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Our service mandate

In 2016, the large animal rescue service received a service contract from the building insurance of the canton of Zurich (GVZ) to train the fire brigade in the basics of large animal rescue. In addition, the GTRD is available to the fire brigades in the canton of Zurich 24/7 for rescuing large animals with its know-how and professional equipment.

In accordance with this service mandate and the cantonal fire brigade law, the Road Traffic Office of the canton of Zurich has approved that the GTRD emergency vehicles may be equipped with flashing lights and an alternating sound horn, which greatly increases the chances for large animals in life-threatening situations and enormously improves the opportunities for large animal rescue.

We have concluded the same service contract with the Canton of Schwyz and are therefore officially available to the Schwyz fire brigades at any time for rescuing large animals.

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