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Buildings insurance from the Canton of Zurich

GVZ Gebäudeversicherung Kanton Zurich secures and insures all buildings in the Canton of Zurich.



The GTRD® has been training the fire brigades in the canton of Zurich on a regular basis since 2000 . In return, the GVZ offers the GTRD® a wide variety of training courses such as hissing trainer, breathing protection courses, etc. In addition, the GTRD® is always available to the fire brigades in close cooperation for emergency operations.

Protection and rescue Zurich

Schutz & Rettung Zürich brings together the fire brigade, rescue service, civil defense, operations control center and fire police of the city of Zürich under one roof.



The ELZ operations control center from Schutz und Rettung Zürich is also the operations center for GTRD® operations. This ensures that the appropriate GTRD® base is notified or that other help is offered around the clock.


Wildi Switchgear AG

Wildi Schaltanlagen AG - the Swiss specialist with decades of experience in the construction of switchgear


Wildi Schaltanlagen AG supports the GTRD® in the construction of the complex controls in the large animal ambulances.


Stinah - 'Animals in Need' Foundation

The 'Stinah ' foundation has set itself the task of promoting the implementation of the constitutionally anchored protection of the dignity of creatures, to consolidate the position of animals as fellow creatures and to protect animals from exploitation and abuse and to assist them wherever necessary.



The Stinah supports the GTRD® with legal questions and problems and in return the GTRD® is available to the foundation animals free of charge in emergencies.

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