Our partners

Susy Utzinger Foundation

The Susy Utzinger Foundation for Animal Welfare uses effective means to ensure that animal suffering can be sustainably reduced or even prevented.



The foundation supports the GTRD® financially with individual projects or with aids for the missions.


The foundation covers the GTRD® deficit that arises in the project "Even farm animals deserve professional rescues". To this end, the GTRD® is available for animal welfare projects where large animals are involved.

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Axon Lab AG

Axon Lab makes a contribution to people's health and well-being.


Axon Lab AG kindly supports the GTRD with a blood gas analyzer




Animal Rescue Service Foundation

'Life has priority'

The "TierRettungsDienst Foundation - Life has priority" aims to rescue, keep and mediate injured and unattended animals.



The GTRD is primarily available to the Animal Rescue Service with distance immobilization and in return they also take over the cases of small animals that sometimes get lost in the GTRD operations center.

Centralheli AG

Centralheli AG not only offers helicopter tours, but also cargo and assembly flights.



The large animal paramedics at the GTRD complete their flight assistant training so that they know and master the technical side of helicopter rescue. Regular practical assignments promote skills in an emergency.


Whenever possible, GTRD offers Centralheli AG to rescue large animals by helicopter, as they are well aware of the problems involved in rescuing large animals through regular cooperation.